The light and diversity of the Mediterranean coast in perfect harmony with timeless architecture. 

You have your own, very personal dream of living in the sun – seasites have the passion and professionalism to perfectly translate your ideas into reality. Your needs form the framework of our design work. For more than 10 years the seasites team have dedicated themselves to the special way of life and methods of construction in the Spanish Mediterranean area. We love the diversity of the coast: the colours and shapes of the Costa Blanca which produces its unique vegetation and the mild climate.  

We have studied the traditional architecture in detail, its colours and textures, its amenities and specific features in terms of building techniques and materials. We demand a great deal of ourselves when it comes to harmonizing the charm and the characteristics of local buildings with modern, timeless design and exclusive beauty – the result being your authentic dream of Mediterranean living. To the Mediterranean attitude towards life correspond flowing transitions between interior and exterior spaces, panoramic views of the deep blue sea, the colourful splendour of your garden, the green of the surrounding countryside.