From the first exchange of information without any obligation all the way to moving into your home – on time and with a fixed-price guarantee. 

What we offer is planning, execution of construction work and, if you so wish, the procurement of a building plot, accompanying you from the initial concept all the way to the day you move into your Mediterranean dream home. 

Our team of architects, interior designers, engineers and qualified construction experts want to achieve their clearly defined goal of organizing each individual process of construction with competence and high motivation. 

With our experience we would like to give you a maximum of support and transparency, from the first non-binding conversation to the day you move into you new home. We want to share our enjoyment of and passion for sustainable architecture and construction on the Mediterranean with you.

Our service stages:

  1. Getting to know each other 
  2. Advice/guidance 
  3. Design and costing
  4. Execution planning
  5. Obtaining a planning and construction permit
  6. Execution of construction work, garden landscaping, interior design
  7. Completion of construction and handing over of all required documents